Ecology and Forestry

I practised as an ecologist for 40 years, including 30 years in forestry.  I initially did research at Edinburgh University then environmental education in Scotland and Malawi. I had my own business - the Natural Resource Consultancy (NRC)  - in Ayrshire for 25 years. I then worked for Peak Ecology Ltd as their Project Director in Scotland for four years.

Forestry and ecology services were: surveys, environmental impact assessment, management planning, project management, ecological clerk of works, research, monitoring, advisory and training.

The main survey types I carried out were Phase 1 Habitat Survey, Phase 2 botanical/NVC (National Vegetation Classification) and Site Conditioning Monitoring (SCM) and I will be available to do these again from June 2018.

Meanwhile I do botanical recording voluntarily as one of the BSBI (Botanical Society of the British and Ireland) Vice County Recorders for Ayrshire. We are gathering data for the BSBI 2020 Atlas.

A bee orchid at one of two colonies in Ayrshire I check each year.

On the Forestry side I'm active in the Royal Scottish Forestry Society (RSFS), on their SW Scotland and Northern Ireland committte.

I've been editor of the RSFS journal Scottish Forestry since October 2016. Here's the cover of the autumn 2017 edition (not my photo). See Contact page for email address.